Nez Perce Basket Hat


Nex Perce Hat

Nez Perce Hat

As the name suggest; Nez Perce natives created the Nez Perce hat. It’s origin dates back between 1870-1880’s. The women wore these, some as utilitarian hats blocking the sun, as these women worked in the sun harvesting seeds and gathering wood and water.  They were also worn as ornamental accessories. While both types of hats were almost always coned shaped with a flat top, the utilitarian and ornamental hats could be distinguished as the colors and weaving patterns were quite different in comparison. More intricate detailing and a greater deal of  complexity and creativity was displayed when these hats were worn as an accessory.(1)

1. James, Carolyn. Nez Perce Women In Transition. Moscow, ID: U of I Press, 1996

Photos Provided by Idaho State Historical Society:

– Nez Perce woman’s hat (1963.110.6)