Lace Modernized

Lace has taken on many different functions as time has gone by.  In our contemporary art world, some artists have taken on the technique of lace making and turned it upside down.   A group of dutch designers have taken the lace technique and employed it into their chain fences.   Along the fence the designers have almost fooled the viewers eye by making the fence appear as though it is made of fabric.  Click here to view the lace fences.

Some artists have also shifted the lace world into a sculptural realm. Taking on non representational characteristics, the art has completely diverged from its original mediums intent.   An exhibition in Bruges, Belgium titled Kantlijnen or “The Face of Lace,” was comprised of many different artists and their lace talent.  Artists have taken the visual ideals of lace and placed them into a realm of ambiguity.  From shovels appearing to be made of lace, abstract clothing to lace shadows created by various objects. Click here to view “The Face of Lace” show.

Click here to watch a video of the making of “The Face of Lace.”


The provided images of lace show pieces that were created by women in Idaho.  While history of lace in Idaho is scarce, the samples show that it was indeed a part of Idaho’s culture.  By continuing to study women and their crafts, a stronger history can begin to emerge.