Burundi Shopping Baskets

Burundi Basket

Burundi Basket

Burundi Basket


The Burundi Baskets are a blend of Native American and traditional Tanzanian weaving styles both using a single-rod coil with a self-coiled rim finish that has been primarily employed to make serving and storage containers in both cultures for centuries.(1)  These unique specimens are the artistic endeavor of Venantia Mukangeruka a Rwandan born women who spent twenty-three years in a refugee camp in Tanzania before being relocated to Boise where she and most of her family live currently.  Mukangeruka belonged to a cooperative association of Burundi women who worked full-time making baskets to support their families and she now supplements her income in Idaho selling her unique integrated style, using plastic shopping bags as her medium.  These baskets, while artistic, are at their core a means of survival for Mukangeruka and her family here in Idaho as well as back in Africa.(2)

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Photos Provided by Idaho State Historical Society:

-Burundi style baskets (2010.19.17, .20, .32): Made by Venantia Mukangeruka in 2010, plastic woven over wicker

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